Discover Crete

Discover Crete
with Cretan Tour Experts

Crete is the largest Greek island with amazing history, natural beauty and impressive archaeological sites. This combination is difficult to find in other islands around Greece. Because of the mountainous landscape and the size of the island, you will not feel trapped, you will not get the island effect. There is always a new place to see, something different to do.

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Discover Crete with Cretan Tour Experts

Crete is the largest Greek island with amazing history, natural beauty and impressive archaeological sites. This combination is difficult to find in other islands around Greece. Because of the mountainous landscape and the size of the island, you will not feel trapped, you will not get the island effect. There is always a new place to see, something different to do.

Crete is well known for its amazing beaches, not commercialized, remote and unspoiled. Balos, Elafonissi, Chrissi island, Falasarna. Amazing places. The diversity of the Cretan landscape is definitely worth visiting. From the rich vegetation of the western part (prefecture of Chania) to the dry and warm eastern Crete, (prefecture of Lassithi) with the impressive gorges and plateaus.

The island has great weather, even during winter. Crete is not only a place to visit during summer. Many guests, that wish to explore the island, they prefer to visit Crete during early April or May, to avoid the crowds in the sites such as Knossos for example and September till middle of November, in order to maximize the experience of every tour.

The island Crete has great history. Especially the prehistoric phase with the Minoan Highlights, the archaeological sites, Knossos the palace of Legendary King Minos, Phaistos the palace of Radamanthys, the Minoan collection of artefacts at the recently re-organized museum of Heraklion. Numerous sites of the Byzantine Era (the recently renovated Koules fortress), places of interest to visit, the monasteries and Venetian public buildings.

Hiking tours and activities, especially the beautiful Gorge of Samaria, gorge of Imvros, the Zakros gorge. Bike tours are also popular on the island, but do not underestimate Crete. Because of the mountainous landscape bike tours can be demanding.

Crete is a place that combines delicious food and delicacies, great local wine and cheese, traditional taverns and coffee shops. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the local Lyra, traditional music is a very important part of public celebrations such as the Panigiria. Get involved and book a culinary lesson or a barbeque and be Cretan for a day.

The relaxed lifestyle is the Cretan way of life and the people are very friendly and generous. Meet the locals and feel the warmth of the Cretan hospitality. People of Crete are proud and independent and they love their birthplace, after all it was consider to be the birthplace of the father of all Gods – Zeus.

The locals never abandoned their fields and olive grooves… organic farming is a must nowadays, to produce quality agricultural products especially olives, fruits and vegetables. Crete is the ideal place to buy olive oil and other local products. The island might look dry to some travelers, but if you drive around and explore more, you will discover the hidden gems of Crete. The island Crete is blessed by nature, fertile and wild. Everything grows here (the island has 167 endemic spices and herbs), with vegetables, rare greens, herbs, spices and olives as far as the eye can see. Taste the local tea mixed with herbs or dittany with honey, in every coffee shop, in every village will taste differently.

Chania, Rethymno, old Venetian cities to explore and admire the mix of new and old, where tradition meets the 20th century.

Do not forget that,

  • You can fly directly to Crete from most major capitals in Europe, avoiding crowds, traffic and the busy airport of Athens. You can ideally include Crete as part of your trip around Greece (Athens – Crete – Santorini – Athens – Peloponese or Meteora).
  • There are two international airports (one in Heraklion and one in Chania – the Sitia airport is used for domestic flights by two companies) in Crete with excellent facilities and services. You can fly in using the airport of Chania and then continue towards Heraklion, perhaps using the ferry connection to Santorini.

Check the tours listed below, but always keep in mind, that we can adjust everything according to your wishes and needs, just send us an email.

Discover Crete with our chauffeur service, available with our company cars, a combination of a licensed guide driving you around, with knowledge of the island and its history, an expert guide able to access all sites without any limitations. Just enjoy the experience!

Follow our team of dedicated professional guides to explore the unspoiled aspects of the island Crete. Join the team of Cretan Tour Experts.

But why Crete?

We can characterize Crete as a whole country, with its own culture, an interesting dialect evidence of the many different phases of occupation, its own customs, Crete is an ideal place to visit all year round. With so many things to do that you will never get bored. The mild climate and Crete’s unique mountainous landscape attract visitors all year around before and after the established touristy summer season. (usually March to October. ) Crete’s stunning natural beauty, intrigues the visitors to discover the mountains, the gorges, the villages… the people. Eventually the real, authentic Crete. Follow us, especially during winter time, a bit off season, as away from the crowds and the crazy pace of the summer we will bring you to places that you will not believe that still exist on Crete. A time machine to go back in time, a way to relax and enjoy the people, the food, the smells, the local wine, the celebrations and the festivals.

  • Amazing beaches, coves and bays. There are so many small coves and small beaches, some of them remote, but close to villages, not really far away. It makes sense to explore, to get away from the touristy areas, not necessarily to drive very far …. That’s the advantage of Crete …. You can drive few km and find a nice quiet beach and enjoy your swim. In some cases its like travelling back in time. Due to the misld Mediterranean climate swimming is possible throughout the year, as the temperature does not easily fall below 14 °C. Many of the locals swim even till December and start as early as towards the end of March, perhaps just before Easter. November and April the sea is surprisingly calm and you will be impressed with the sea temperature.
  • Water sports.
    Experts of windsurfing and Kite surf have already spotted the ideal places to practice and train. Especially in winter time, areas such as Falasarna, or the bay of Agios Nikolaos, Sitia and perhaps even further towards Kavo Sidero or Messara bay. The island is big enough to offer alternatives, so that you will never feel bored.
  • Christmas – Easter – festivals
    All celebrations are important but Christmas or Easter, due to the religious connection are special for the inhabitants of Crete. Some many little details that we added throughout the centuries and form the customs of the island and definitely worth your time. in Crete is a rite with dozens of ancient customs throughout the island. Recently the Santa Run, a tradition that started from Chania, with thousands of people dressed as Santa Clauses running for charity, has become a new thing …. The people never stop. The Carnival – Festival of Rethymno, one of the best and well organized of Greece (after Patras) is inviting more and more people from all over Crete and Greece. One more opportunity to enjoy the amazing food of the island.
    Winter is the time to discover the cities, villages and the starting point for the sweet “war” and the competition between coffee shops offering the best hot chocolate, sweets, waffles crepes…!!!!! Look no further : the best chocolate in Heraklion is in Outopia coffee shop at Chandakos street. ( order the chocolate fondue …!!!) Dozens of Cretans are waiting in a line to get in to small or big city cafes. Gio – El coffee shop at Heraklion with amazing waffles, Harry’s crepery in Rethymnon (old town) and Heraklion (close to the museum), The Italian Job in Chania and Rethymnon and so many more… The new trend on Crete is the bakeries – coffee shops. Places, where you can find a snack / light lunch.
  • RAKI DISTILLATION – Rakokazana
    November is the month for the Rakokazana in Crete. The ripe grapes of September are separated from the stems, placed in to jars and the fermentation process begins, which lasts for about two months till November. Locals get a permission from their Prefecture to distil Raki for home use. This is an opportunity for a party…Gather all together, dance, sing, grill meat – drink the Raki…
  • Prices are better during winter.
    You can find flights to reach Heraklion airport of Chania, directly from European capitals. You can find special offers for accommodation in city hotels and activities to explore the island. Less crowds, less traffic, availability of the best experts to offer you exclusive experiences.
  • Excursions to enjoy the Cretan Landscape
    Off season and especially from November to March, is the ideal period to discover and explore the amazing landscape of the Cretan mountains. There are options for private tours, small group tours, walking city tours, even to rent a car, drive around and explore…
  • Winter means rain , so water in the gorges and small lakes.
    Places like Samaria gorge will look so different during winter, due to the temperatures and the water. Therisso gorge, so close to Chania is a paradise and with amazing food as well. You will see the locals every Sunday, driving to enjoy their coffee there or their lunch in one of the tavernas. Traditional food, marinated and prepared to be grilled opposite the fire, known as Antikrysto. Activities like bird watching ( Askyfou is one of the small Plateaus known for this activity, interesting hikes, the Chayga gorge at Lassithi plateau, truffle hunting and so many more. If the weather is too cold or rainy, then time for a cooking lesson. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the local herb and cheese pies. Taste the local products get to know the local people. Cretans are welcoming and friendly…
  • Forget the long lines
    Enjoy the amazing museum of Heraklion, the palace of Knossos, Phaistos or Malia , the Cave of Zeus without crowds…. Drink your coffee at Matala, walk through the old city of Rethymnon or Chania. No lines, no waiting time to get the tickets, no hassle…
  • The people…
    Meet the locals, interact with the Cretan people – be a local for a day…

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