Archaeological Seminar

Take advantage of the team of Experts to learn more about the Minoans.

This option is ideal for experienced travelers that wish to emphasize in the Minoan civilization and culture. Due to the high temperatures of Crete during summer, but also the practical difficulties (crowds, noise etc.), we realized that there is a need for a different approach. The seminar can be organized upon request   and the duration is minimum 2 hours (two sessions of 50 min- in between a break). Our services can be offered to schools and college students of course that wish to be prepared for the visit of the museum of Heraklion and the archaeological sites around the island (the palaces and the settlements, cemeteries or peak sanctuaries). Enjoy the seminar in a comfort area in Heraklion (or any other area, upon request). The experience is provided by an archaeologist, specialized in the Minoan culture and prehistory and is upon request.


  • Death cult in Minoan Crete
  • Minoan Thalassocracy and foreign relations
  • Influence of Middle East in the Minoan Culture
  • Religion and Rituals of the Minoans
  • The Minoan Scripts – Cretan Hieroglyphics and Linear A
  • Minoan society, arts, crafts and achievements
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