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Crete, the birthplace of Zeus, is an island of cultural highlights, full of hidden gems, a destination for guests from all over the world as well as Greeks from the mainland. The Minoan culture has inspired generations. Crete, in the centre of Mediterranean, has always played a significant role in history, controlling the crossroad to the Middle East and Asia. The island’s energy is unrivalled, a center of byzantine and Venetian art and culture, has provided the backdrop for many films, books and plays…. Birthplace of El Greco – the famous painter, artist and sculptor,   the birthplace of Kazantzakis, author of Alexis Zorbas (Zorbas the Greek) , birthplace of Odysseus Elytis  the famous poet (In 1979 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.) – Crete has really a lot to offer. Due to the agricultural and tourism industry, the island has been receiving business and leisure travelers in equal amounts and contributes more than the eye can see, in the economy of Greece.  With a population of 638.000 and due to the mountainous landscape, Crete can tiring to navigate. Cretan Tour Experts Chauffeur service is available to streamline and de-stress your city travel, with professional drivers and a fleet of safe, stylish modern vehicles – available for simple A to B and airport transfers, half or full day hire, as well as by-the-hour-hire. Bookings are placed online in advance, with the choice of three car classes, depending on your budget and travel style: Business Class (our most popular ride – with our company SUV), Business van (for small groups – with our company van) or First Class (for ultimate style and sophistication – Mercedes Benz vehicles or mini buses).

We provide tailor made tours with professional licensed guides / chauffeurs with further academic education. Let us guide you around with experienced licensed guides… You will have access to everything Crete has to offer and accurate information.

Navigate Crete in style and comfort by private vehicle, at your own pace – stress free

Stepping onto the city’s busy roads in attempt to hail a city cab or riding the crowded public transport network can a less than pleasant experience, especially during peak travel hour. Arriving at the airport of Heraklion or Chania? Not a problem ….Cretan Tour Experts chauffeur service is just the ticket for ensuring you make the most of your time in the cities of Crete , as you can sit back and enjoy the view, safe and comfortable in the back of one of our company vehicles. Our drivers are all locals, English speaking and knowledgeable, always service minded, so there is no need to worry about whether you will get to your destination on time. Are you going to be on Crete for just few hours? Cretan Tour Experts Chauffeur service is the ideal option for exploring the island at your own pace…

Chauffeur service to or from Crete’s airports (Chania or Heraklion)

Crete is served by two major airports, Heraklion (Nikos Kazantzakis airport) and Chania ( Daskaloyiannis airport). A third airport in Sitia serves domestic flights mainly and hopefully in the future will be improved in order to boost the economy of the eastern part of Crete .   During the summer season and because of the many international flights both main airports can be busy , with Heraklion airport  in particular being  notorious for its long lines at customs during peak travel hour, frequently the cause of hold-ups for international travelers.

A free hour of wait time is included in all airport pick-ups to handle any delays incurred on the ground, while our integrated flight tracking service handles any delays incurred in the air. And the best part? Your professional driver will be waiting for you at the gate with a personalized sign, to assist you with your luggage and escort you swiftly past the airport crowds to your waiting private car. Bookings can be made in seconds via our website…

Upon Request: We can arrange to provide a mobile phone (a prepaid sim card with data plan or talk time  – depending on your needs ) . Wi-Fi is also available in the vehicle upon request.

Tour Experts “my driver – chauffeur” service provides professional English-speaking drivers that are careful, courteous and highly trained, that can pick you up from the ports (Souda / Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and Sitia) or airports of Crete (Chania, Heraklion or Sitia) and chauffeur you to your destination quickly, safely & stress-free!

We are an authorized travel agency registered with the Ministry of Tourism  and premium private ground transportation provider in Crete – Greece  offering a range of chauffeur services for travel within Crete or mainland Greece (upon request), private guided tours, tours – transfers (for the guests that wish to relocate on the island and more…

Private chauffeur service on Crete, provided by Tour Experts…

A large part of Crete’s economy is fueled by tourism. People visit Crete not just for the beautiful Minoan highlights (Knossos, Phaistos, Cave of Zeus) nor the amazing beaches and the stunning views over the canyons and gorges, the authentic experiences and the tasty local food, which is a reason in itself to visit, but also for the relaxation that the island is offering. Avoid the tress of renting a car, by booking our chauffeur service, to drive you to the desired destination. Take advantage of the combined service of a professional licensed English-speaking guide and explore any archaeological site, with one of our company vehicles, SUV or van, for your friends and family.

So accessing Crete with a chartered flight or by a cruise ship is easy, the cuisine is amazing, sightseeing in the old towns is exciting. Use Tour Experts chauffeur service, with a professional licensed guide, to get around reliably, in style, and hassle free. Our drivers are professional, experienced and have extensive local knowledge, able to take you to your destination easily and provide the ideal alternative…

Exploring Crete…

For traveling in and around the city, Tour Experts chauffeur service is at your disposal. Whether you need a pickup from one of the many excellent city hotels, arrival from any port or airport of the island, restaurants at the end of the night, a tour in the archaeological museum, Tour Experts is willing to take care of every detail according to your needs and wishes. Book a simple transfer or our hourly service, make sure to enter your details as accurately and detailed as possible, and we will plan your route for you before you’ve even been picked up. Our chauffeur service is here for you whenever you need it with premium company vehicles to choose from. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you’re sure to find a car that suits all your transportation needs!

Combine the services of a professional licensed guide – chauffer for your tour on Crete …Get the most of your day

Feel safe:

  • Liability insurance by Interamerican
  • Licensed, safe, clean company vehicles, annually checked by the authorities.
  • Licensed professional guides
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