Knossos and Phaistos

A combined tour, to explore the two palaces of Crete, highlights of the Minoan civilization.

Depending on the date if issue, we can start either from Knossos palace or we can drive to the south and visit Phaistos first. The main objective will be  to avoid the crowds. The largest palace of Crete is Knossos  and surely a highlight to include in your plans. Phaistos, the second largest palace of Crete, lies to the south, the residence of legendary Kind Radamanthys, brother of King Minos. Minos and Radamanthys had a reputation as fair and objective rulers  among the whole Mediterranean  and according to Greek Mythology that is why they became two of the three Judges of the underworld. (third was Aiakos  –  the son of Zeus by Aegina, King of Mirmidons )

On the slopes of the hill to the south of Phaistos stood the Minoan town. The area is still being excavated though and part of it can be seen from the main courtyard  of the Palace looking down.

There are many reasons why the  visitors  of the island Crete should choose to visit Phaistos in the south. With the Messara plain to the east and the Ida mountain to the north, Phaistos is situated in an interesting landscape probable the most beautiful compared to the other  Minoan Palaces.

The palace of Phaistos is not so crowded, less groups visit the area and it will be easier to move around, getting the best photos, enjoying  your private tour. In addition the different approach of the Italian Archaeological Survey and the excavators, give a clear advantage to Phaistos. Parts of the old palace  remain visible and the Italian archaeologists did not use extensively concrete to rebuild the palace.

Let us guide you through the  two most important Minoan palaces, so that you will be able to form a more objective opinion about the Minoan architecture. In addition, you will enjoy the landscape of south Crete and understand the general area, where amazing artifacts were discovered (which you can nowadays enjoy at the museum of Heraklion )

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