Golf for the gentlemen, tour for the rest of the family

Take advantage of this unique opportunity, to play golf, in an amazing golf course on Crete.

For a genuine golfing experience, visit the Golf of Crete, with Cretan Tour Experts. We will drive you there and continue with the members of the family that are not interested in golf, for a unique experience in the area of the mountainous Lassithi. Visit the traditional villages of mountainous eastern Crete, the monasteries, have lunch in a traditional local tavern. Always in communication, with the golf club and the golfers – members of your family playing there, we will make sure that they will enjoy their game and while we guide you around.

  • Pick up and drop off from your location/Transportation offered by our company cars
  • Bottle of water per person
  • A tour/excursion for the non-golfers among you (the tour will be private – we are flexible in arranging the itinerary even last minute)
  • Maps and plans of Crete
  • Invoice will be provided by our travel agency
  • All taxes and VAT 24% included
  • Escort for the golfers available to ensure that their game will not be interrupt
  • Licensed professional guide for the members of the family that will explore the island
  • All entrance fees included
  • Lunch in the local tavern for the non golfers included

A unique experience. Follow Cretan Tour Experts and explore Crete, while the golfers play in the only golf course of Crete.

Information about the golf

Set in a uniquely beautiful Mediterranean landscape, with pleasantly mild climate – ideal for year-round golf – and ultra modern facilities, the Crete Golf Club is expected to prove a hit with golfers from Northern and Central Europe, and not only in the summer months but also during the winter, spring and autumn, when golfing conditions on the island are at their most excellent.

An 18-hole Golf Course of international standards – the only one on the island – is a fairer and friendlier course for players, while also presenting fascinating new challenges.

The architects have made every possible effort, during the construction of this course and the nearby buildings, to protect the environment, so naturally many new eco- friendly features, such as modern managing and purifying water methods are used. Part of the local natural environment has remain untouched, adding value to this golf course.

The course truly tests every aspect of the golfer’s repertoire, however the feature that will make all visitors fall madly in love with this golf course – whose 6th is its signature hole – is the unique sense of freedom and tranquility felt when arriving at the justifiably popular 11th, which offers an unrivalled view of the Lasithi Mountains and the unique Cretan countryside.

To top it off, there is an on-course Food & Beverage service whereby players can order cool drinks and snacks during their game on a daily basis. The upbeat attitude and presence of our beverage cart staff is sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Pricelist of the Golf club of Crete

THE CRETE GOLF CLUB RATES 01.01.2018 – 09.12.2018

GREEN FEES LOW SEASON 01.01.18-28.02.1801.11.18-31.12.18 HIGH SEASON01.03.18-31.10.18
Green Fee (18-holes) €75.00 €85.00
Green Fee ( 9-holes) €45.00 €55.00
Twilight Green Fee (3 hours before sunset) €55.00 €65.00
Juniors Green Fee up to 16 years (18 Holes) €40.00 €45.00
Juniors Green Fee up to 16 years (9 Holes) €25.00 €30.00
3 (three) rounds Green Fee Package €210.00 €240.00
5 (five) rounds Green Fee Package €345.00 €380.00
One all inclusive round (Green fee, Full Set of Premium Clubs, Golf Cart, locker, 1 token) €130.00 €140.00
RENTAL FEES PERIOD01.01.18 – 31.12.18
Golf Cart for 18-holes €35.00
Golf Cart for 9-holes €20.00
Electric Trolley 9 or 18-holes €15.00
Push Trolley €7.50
Pull Trolley €5.00
Golf Clubs hire (full set of Premium Clubs) €30.00
Golf Clubs hire (full set of Standard Clubs) €20.00
Junior Golf Clubs hire €10.00
Driving Range Balls (approx. 30) €2.00
Driving Range Individual Golf Clubs (non branded) €3.00
Locker Daily Fee €3.00
Locker 3 days Fee €8.00
Locker 5 days Fee €12.00


  • Rates are per person and include 24% VAT
  • Handicap limit for all players is 54
  • Handicap certificate is obligatory
  • 8 Hole Green Fee cannot be split into 9 Hole Green Fee
  • Soft Spikes are obligatory
  • Discounted Green Fees are not entitled to further discounts

Playing Tees:

  • Men up to 9.3 handicap may play from the WHITE, YELLOW or BLUE Tees
  • Men 9.4 – 28 handicap are permitted to play only from the YELLOW or BLUE Tees
  • Men 29 – 36 handicap are permitted to play only from the BLUE
  • Ladies up to 17.9 handicap may play from the BLUE Tees
  • Ladies 18 – 36 handicap are permitted to play only from the RED Tees
  • All players of 37 – 54 handicap are permitted to play strictly from the fairway Tees (GOLD)

Club Rules & Etiquette

Club Rules & Etiquette of the Crete Golf Club


Advance reservations are strongly recommended to ensure access to the golf course.

Cancellation Policy

  • 48 hours, cancellation prior to the tee-time: 50% of the value of the booking will be charged.
  • Same day cancellation or “no show” : 100% of the value of the booking will be charged.


All guests must register at the Golf Pro Shop before commencing play on both the 18-hole golf course and the Driving range.

Starting times

  • Starting times are at 10 minutes intervals.
  • Twosomes and singles may be grouped with other players and at starting times determined by the pro shop personnel on busy days.
  • The Pro Shop must approve starting time changes.
  • 18-Hole Green fees cannot be split into two 9-Hole Green fees.
  • Starter’s and Marshal’s instructions must be followed.
  • Spectators or caddies are allowed to accompany players around the course.

Handicap certificates and playing tees for all players

  • Handicap Certificate is mandatory prior playing
  • Men up to 9.3 handicap may play from the WHITE, YELLOW or BLUE TEES
  • Men 9.4 – 28 handicap are permitted to play only from the YELLOW or BLUE TEES
  • Men 29 – 36 handicap are permitted to play only from the BLUE TEES
  • Ladies up to 17.9 handicap may play from the RED TEES
  • All players (Men, Ladies and Children) 37 – 54 handicap are permitted to play strictly from the fairway tees (GOLD TEES)

Dress Code and Etiquette

Dress Code

  • Trousers made of denim, as well as tracksuits and tennis wear are not allowed.
  • For men, shorts must be at least Bermuda length, socks must be at least of ankle length, collars and long or short sleeves.
  • For ladies, T-shirts without collar must have sleeves, while shirts with a collar may be sleeveless.
  • Proper golf clothing is required at all times on the driving range.


  • Please repair all pitch marks on greens.
  • Please replace divots on fairways.
  • Please rake bunkers after use. All rakes to be placed inside the bunkers.
  • Play ready golf
  • Four ball- maximum four and half hours. The Course Marshal shall ensure that good speed of play and etiquette are adhered to.

Young golfers

  • Up to 18 years of age
  • Only children accompanied by an adult or authorized by the Pro Shop are allowed on the golf course.
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive the golf carts.

Buggy and driving rules and regulations

  • Please take extreme caution when crossing public roads to access the golf course and follow all traffic signs.
  • Please drive carefully and sensibly, especially down steep gradients leading to the 6th green.
  • Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have a valid automobile license.
  • Operating instructions for the buggies must be read and obeyed when using the golf buggies.
  • Members and guest are liable for any personal injury or property damage that occurs from the use of the buggy assigned in their name. The cost of repair of a golf buggy in the event of damage will be charged to that member or guest.
  • In order to encourage good speed of play, players are advised to take a selection of clubs to the ball and to keep the buggy level with play at all times.
  • Buggies must be returned to the designated area.

Pace of play

  • If a group does not keep its pace on the course and loses more than one (1) clear hole on the players ahead, it must allow the following match to play through. Players, who stop for any reason after playing nine (9) holes, must occupy the next tee before the following group arrives at the tee or they lose their position on the course.
  • Allow faster groups to play through if there is an open hole ahead of you.
  • Groups over four (4) players at a time are not allowed on the course.
  • The Golf Professionals and Marshals have full authority over the golf players at all times. They are responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations pertaining to the golf course and play. Any violations are to be reported to the Club Management.

Course closure

In case of rain

  • On a rainy day the course is considered open to visitors. Play on the golf course is officially suspended by The Crete Golf Club only due to thunder, lightening, and heavy rainfall, i.e. only in abnormal – harsh weather conditions that would constitute play unsafe for players.
  • In case of rain and as long as the course is open to players, the Club can change players’ tee-times to another date or time of play under the condition that the players have informed The Crete Golf Club of their wish to change their play-date or tee-time in advance and in all cases prior to entering the course. This is not an option for players who tee-ed off to start playing and have decided on their own account and at any time to stop playing due to rainfall. In this case our tee-time cancellation policy strictly applies (no refund) and the players are not entitled to a voucher for play on another date.
  • For players who have decided to change their date of play due to rainfall before their designated tee-time, the new tee-times are issued only according to current availability at the time of their request.
  • If play is officially suspended by The Crete Golf Club due to abnormal weather conditions as described above, then all players at the time of suspension receive vouchers to play on another date, with the new tee-times issued only according to current availability at the time.
  • In order to receive a money refund when the cancellation policy applies, the demonstration of a medical certificate from a public hospital is necessary, stating that the player was ill.

Crete Golf Club- local rules

    • All water hazards are to be treated as lateral water hazard (Rule 26), unless stated otherwise.
    • Out of bounds (Rule 27) is defined by white stakes and/or lines, perimeter fences.
    • Stones in Bunkers are deemed movable obstruction (Rule 24-1) /relief from supported plants. (Rule 21-2b)
    • All cart paths (Rule 24-2b)
    • Flower beds behind 18th green is considered a lateral water hazard (Rule 26)
    • GUR is marked by lines and/or stakes (Rule 25)
    • Please rake bunkers. Please repair pitch marks and replace divots. Play ready golf. Give way for Green staff.

Information about the Golf course, the price list and the regulations, are from the Cretan Golf Club:

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