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Chauffeur Service with a Licensed Guide

Designed for the travelers that wish to combine the services of a qualified licensed guide with registered vehicles and get the most of your tour.

Our travel agency, Cretan Tour Experts offer chauffeur service, with a registered company car that complies with all rules and regulations of the Greek National Tourism Organization and a license qualified guide to drive you to your desired site. We aim to help you see as much as possible, to maximize the experience and get the right information. Not just a driver, but a qualified, well informed guide with access to all archaeological sites of Crete or Greece. Whether you are staying in a hotel in the area of Heraklion, Hersonissos etc. /or if the starting point is the port or airport of Heraklion, we can pick you up and drive you with safety to the destination of your choice. You can use our services for a transfer and while we drive you to your hotel, you can get the important information about the island, the highlights, the activities, the places not to be missed.

Tour- Transfer? Why not.

Many guests choose to relocate, while on Crete, which is the largest island of Greece, in order to explore different aspects of the island. Our travel agency, Cretan Tour Experts, provides the option of combining a tour with a transfer. So, while being transferred to your next hotel, you can include some of the highlights of the island, the palace of Knossos, the second largest palace of Crete, in the south, Phaistos, the quiet but mystical Venetian Rethymnon, the beautiful Venetian port of Chania etc.

Let us handle all the details and enjoy the relaxing experience of being on Crete.

What to Expect:

  • An SUV with a license issued by the Greek National Tourism Organization regarding the transportation (Kia Sportage SUV, model March of 2015). Our company car is insured and of course complies with all regulations of the Greek state.
  • The service is going to be in Private Terms, just for your party. Luxury is not a price tag. Live it on Crete. – To Cretan Tour Experts Travel Agency, You are important and we are willing to go the extra mile in order to maximize our guests’ experience.
  • A licensed professional English speaking guide. (Blue Badge Guide). A team of professional guides and drivers with experience to drive you and guide you around.
  • No hidden costs. We will be sincere from the start .To Cretan Tour Experts customer service is our number one priority.
  • Insurance coverage ( Car and Travel Agency and liability insurance )The advantage of the service is that the driver is also a licensed guide, so you don’t have to pay extra to visit an archaeological site. Let us guide you around.

Travel in style and on your own pace.

If you are looking for a chauffeur service for a larger group we can offer an executive mini-coach. (Mini vans up to 9 seats or mini bus up to 19 seats).

We have an Opel Vivaro and a Mercedes Benz Vito VIP van available (7 seats minivan model of April 2016). Depending on the number of participants and the budget, we can provide the ideal option for you.

The chauffeur service complies with all regulations of the Greek National Tourism Organization and the cars have a permission issued to be used for transportation. With us, you are covered.

Chauffeurs/licensed guides of Cretan Tour Experts Travel Agency will treat you and your guests to a memorable experience. We truly look forward to assisting you with all your transportation needs. Combine the transportation with a tour and maximize the experience. Your valuable time is our number one priority.

The vehicles are always kept very clean and tidy. Our drivers are always well presented and are excellent time keepers. We follow your pace and we honor our agreement.

Suggested tours- transfers

  • Start from your hotel in Heraklion with your luggage and end up at Chania, visiting on the way the beautiful Rethymnon.
  • Start from Chania with your luggage, visit Rethymnon, Knossos-the palace of legendary King Minos and end up at Heraklion, at your hotel.
  • Start from Elounda or Agios Nikolaos and after exploring the plateau of Lassithi end up at you hotel in the south, perhaps close to Matala.

The options are unlimited.

Contact us for more details and we can plan the tours/transfers together.

Guide and Driver Services

Tour Experts Travel Agency understand that many visitors want to capture the atmosphere, see the sights and unravel the myths and mysteries of real Crete, off the beaten path, by exploring at their own pace. A licensed guide-driver can offer the service at your own pace, help you avoid the crowds and get the most of every moment on Crete.

A driver and licensed guide drives and guides individuals, small groups and families, from one passenger to no more than 4, on tailor made tours throughout Crete and mainland Greece ( upon request ) providing a distinctly personal and flexible service. Tours can range in duration from a half day to extended tours (from 3 up to 15 days round trips on Crete or mainland). From main cities to beautiful villages, dining to local taverns or taste wine of local wineries, shopping, scenery, walks, wildlife and more – a driver guide can take you on and off the beaten track to discover Crete’s hidden gems. Meet the people of Crete, experience their hospitality, make friends, go in places that large groups will not go.

The driver – guide service offered by our travel agency complies with the regulations of EOT (National Tourism organization) and the law restrictions.

Service is available upon request, please contact us for availability and details.

Travel planning

With our experience in the field of excursions and tours we have been extensively involved in arranging every little detail, to make “just another day tour” into a “traveler’s unique experience”. We have never been behind a desk in a travel agency, but we are active experienced guides, guiding groups and individuals on Crete and Greece. Whether you are interested in visiting archaeological sites (such as Knossos, Phaistos, Malia or the museum of Heraklion) or you are interested in spending an interesting day in the city, the local market or the villages of Crete, use the knowledge of our experienced guides to plan your tour.

Let us know the time you want to spend on Crete, mention the sites you wish to include in your day trip and let us worry about the details. Planning the tours requires knowledge of the local market, the sites and the distances (archaeological sites, monasteries or places of natural beauty), the transportation and a lot of other details. Let the tour – experts solve all those little problems by planning the ideal excursion (full day or half day) on Crete.

Tailor made Tours

Whether you are interested in archaeological sites, (such as the Palace of legendary King Minos – Knossos) or wishing to explore the hidden gems of Crete on holiday with your friends or family – Tour Experts company will ensure you have the best that beautiful Crete can offer. We can match licensed tour guides to suit your interests and requirements and arrange a tailor made tour just for you.

Crete is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. The economy of Crete is predominantly based on agriculture and is one of the few Greek islands that can support itself independently without a tourism industry. The economy began to change visibly during the 1970s as tourism gained in importance. While an emphasis remains on agriculture and stock breeding, due to the climate and terrain of the island, there has been a drop in manufacturing and an observable expansion in its service industries (mainly tourism-related). All three sectors of the cretan economy (agriculture/farming, processing-packaging, services), are directly connected and interdependent. The island has a per capita income much higher than the greek average.

Visitors reach the island via two international airports in Heraklion and Chania and a smaller airport in Sitia (international charter and domestic flights starting May 2012) or by boat to the main ports of Heraklion, Chania, Rethimno, Agios Nikolaos and Sitia. Popular tourist attractions include the archaeological sites of the minoan civilisation, the venetian old city and port of Chania, the venetian castle at Rethymno, the gorge of Samaria, the islands of Chrysi, Elafonisi, Gramvousa, and Spinalonga and the Palm Beach of Vai, which is the largest natural palm forest in Europe. Don’t miss all those beautiful parts of our island, choose the sites you wish to visit, and we can try to combine different programs in one day, creating the perfect tailor made tour. You can choose a car, a small van (7-9 seats), or even a mini-bus (18 seats) for your family or friends.

Tailor made Tours are the main purpose of our company. We go beyond the programs that all others offered the past years… Plan your day your way!!!

Honeymoon private tours and holiday packages

For the couples that will choose the beautiful island Crete for their honeymoon vacations we can offer a vast variety of private tours and exclusive excursions. Take advantage of our experience in the field of travel planning on Crete and choose combined full day tours to explore the island Crete. Whether you choose to stay in Heraklion ( central part of Crete, offers more opportunities for excursions because of the location) or the scenic Venetian city of Chania with the famous port, the pedestrian streets and local market, take advantage of our company car which is provided free of charge ( a car with a license for transportation – which complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Tourism), to explore Crete . Choose our guide and driver services for a full day tour and enjoy every moment of your private tour , without being stressed with driving on the island.

A unique service that we can provide, ideal for couples that will visit mainland ( and start their tour from Athens for example ) and will choose to include Crete for one day (fly in and out of Crete the same day) , is the day-use of a city hotel ( upon request) . The couples, that plan their visit in advance and can find online value for money air tickets, do not forget that you can use our guide and driver services plus the day-use of a city hotel to relax and then fly back to Athens . Apart from the tours, we can also provide accommodation and transportation from every port, airport or hotel on Crete . Contact us for more details …..

Coach & Walking Tours

The Tour Experts company provides licensed tour guides who can accompany you on coach and walking tours across the island Crete.

The island Crete covers a total area of 8,336 km2 (3,219 sq mi), with a coastline of 1,046 km (650 mi). Crete is extremely mountainous, and its character is defined by a high mountain range crossing from west to east, formed by three different mountain chains: The White Mountains or Lefka Ori 2,452 m (8,045 ft), the Idi Range (Psiloritis 2,456 m (8,058 ft), the Dikti Mountains 2,148 m (7,047 ft)). These mountains lavished Crete with valleys, fertile plateaus and caves, such as Diktaion and Idaion (the birthplace of the ancient Greek god Zeus). The island has a number of gorges, such as the gorge of Samaria, Imbros gorge, Kourtaliotiko gorge, the Gorge of the Dead (at Kato Zakros, Sitia). Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a coach and walking tour and see all those beautiful aspects of Crete. Our site’s and our company’s main idea is to go beyond the usual programs that have been offered the past years on the island. We can help you organize your private or small group tour, to see exactly what is important to you.

The professional service our travel guides provided will ensure you truly discover our beautiful island whilst maintaining your comfort and safety at all times.

Tour Operators – Groups

The Tour Experts company has excellent relations with both national and international tour operators. By working together we can create perfect holidays tailored to suit your passengers’ every requirement. All our licensed tour guides are professionals, working with Tour Operators that organize tours on the island Crete and they have experience on the field to manage all kind of groups and private tours you may request. The Tour Experts of Crete provides travel guides for large and small groups ranging from local societies to multinational companies, all with different interests and reasons for travel.

Schools and Colleges

There are many schools and colleges that visit Crete and they prefer the archaeological sites and museums of Crete as part of their educational program. The Tour Experts company have years of experience in providing suitable licensed tour guides for those travelling in the education sector. Our tourist guides will deliver the right mix of information and fun so that you leave Crete truly inspired. Our experienced on schools and colleges tourist guides offer their services to Greek primary schools pupils during March free of charge. (This is an effort that started by the Association of Guides of Crete and Santorini and we support).

Cruise Ship Visitors

The licensed guides working for Tour Experts company have years of experience collaborating with prestigious tour operators who require professional guides to escort their Cruise Ship passengers on shore excursions. Our tourist guides understand the time constraints and will ensure that clients always get the most out of their tour. The Cruise Ship companies use the 3 main ports of Crete, Heraklion (closest port to Knossos, central Crete), Ag. Nikolaos (closest port to Venitian fortress of Spinalonga, eastern part of Crete – 1h from Knossos approx.), and Souda (near the beautiful city of Chania, western part of Crete – 1h 50m from Knossos). We can provide services and shore excursions for cruise ship visitors in all ports of Crete upon request.

Business Tours

Just the Right Guide…

We provide fully-trained guides to accompany business guests and visitors during their stay on Crete. Our guides are trained, examined and registered by the Ministry of Tourism.

Tour Experts company of Crete, knows how important it is for a business tour to have the right person accompanying your guests, whether for sightseeing tours, airport transfers, conference work, interpreting or business meetings. Choose the service you prefer and get the best results for your VIP clients.

Semi Private

Book Your Transfer

Pre- book your arrival or Departure Transfer with our company vehicles … Take the opportunity to combine the transfer with a visit of an archaeological site (after the arrival and on the way to the hotel or before you depart from Crete, on the way to the airport…). Avoid the lines and the last-minute confusion and let us take care of the details.

Popular tour – transfers:

  • Arrival – Knossos visit and drop off at Amirandes
  • Arrival – Knossos visit, drive to Rethymnon (city tour) and drop off at Chania (Any of the city hotels, Casa Delfino, Domus Renier, Villa Splantzia, Porto Veneziano, Casa Leone or the hotels close to Platanias – Porto Platanias, Minoa Palace etc.).
  • Arrival – Knossos visit and drop off at Blue Palace, Domes Elounda or Marmin Bay.
  • Arrival – Lassihti plateau (panoramic drive)  visit the Monastery of Virgin Mary and drop off at any hotel in Elounda or Agios Nikolaos.

Our services can be provided by an English speaking driver or a professional   licensed guide / chauffeur in order to explore the archaeological sites with an expert as well.

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