Lassithi Scenic Road Tour

Starting from your hotel, we recommend a relaxing day to enjoy the scenic drive towards the plateau of Lassithi. The mountain range, where according to mythology, the father of the ancient Gods was born, the mighty Zeus … Nowadays 6000 inhabitants live in the area, mainly occupied in agriculture but also welcoming the guests, that choose to explore the area. On the way to the plateau, we recommend a short stop at Kera Kardiotissa monastery. A beautiful monastery of the14th cent.

Driving further up towards the plateau, you will see the Venetian windmills (a nice photo stop) and will continue towards the villages. The area of Lassithi has a great tradition in pottery, and skilled villagers in the past were travelling around Crete building the kilns in every place, to make and sell the terracotta jars and pots… We will be able to visit one of those ceramic family workshops.

You can choose to have lunch in one of the traditional tavernas of the villages and on the way back to the hotel in Elounda, we can drive through Agios Nikolaos, having some free time for either a coffee or a nice walk along the promenade. Agios Nikolaos has an interesting market for souvenirs around the lake Voulismeni. Lake Voulismeni is one of the few lakes on Crete that were connected to the sea by French in the 19th cent. An ideal place for pictures …

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