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The birthplace of Zeus, the island of legendary kings (Minos, Radamantys and Sarpedon), powerful deities ( Snake Godesses ) and mythical monsters ( Minotaur, Talos – the mythical guard of the island), renowned for its glorious history from prehistory to modern times.  The island formed a distinctive culture and heritage, a spirit of independence proud of the resistance against the Ottomans and during the WWII. The island developed their own musical tradition and literature ( Lyra and mandinades ) integrating elements of the western culture ( due to the Venetian influence). Largest island of Greece and fifth largest of Mediterranean, Crete is the crossroad of the three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.  The beautiful hidden coves, (Seitan Limania, Balos, Trypiti, Preveli), the Venetian fortresses and monasteries ( Arkadi, Tsangarolon, Koules, Aptera) the prehistoric and byzantine archaeological treasures, the places of natural beauty, such as the caves and gorges  with the picturesque  villages ( Samaria, Zakros, Omalos ) of Crete will captivate you. The diversity of the landscape is a big advantage and Crete will need more of your time… The island should be a destination , not just a stop for a couple of days…

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10 reasons, why you should include Crete in your travel plans

The largest island of Greece is a magical place, that offers to the maximum, everything that the traveler desires… We highlight 10 reasons to include Crete in your travel plans, but we are pretty sure that once you reach Crete you will find out more…

  1. Culture
    Crete, due to the geographical position, in the centre of Mediterranean, was the crossroad of civilizations, the center of commerce and the land of the Minoans. Conquered by Mycenaeans, Dorians, Romans, Venetians and Ottomans, all of them left their traces on the island, a rich cultural heritage, nowadays available to every visitor to discover. Explore the interesting archaeological sites of Knossos, Phaistos, Malia (the 3 Minoan Palaces), the Homeric Eleytherna (with an impressive museum, recently opened to the public), Gortys (the capital of Crete during Roman Era), Spinalonga islet (the Venetian fortress, used at the beginning of 20th cent as a colony for the people suffering of Leprosy). Stroll around the Venetian ports of Rethymnon or Chania, travel back in time visiting the Venetian fortresses of Aptera, the monasteries of Tsangarolon. Preveli or Arkadi… Well organized museums – the Archaeological museum of Heraklion was recently re-organized and the Minoan collection is really impressive… and so many more…
  2. Old city centers
    The old towns of Chania and Rethymnon have an intriguing mixture of Venetian and Ottoman architecture and buildings with well-preserved decorative elements. Famous commercial centers, both towns advertise their wealth during their peak in history, inviting the visitor to a mystical trip in the past.
  3. Traditional villages
    Many mountainous villages on Crete, invite you to explore the authentic side of the island, often not touristy (in terms of commercialized market places), but the real Crete. The locals will open their houses to welcome you, they will treat you with local pastries and offer you the raki (or tsikoudia – a local alcoholic snaps). Villages like Archanes, Zaros in Heraklion Prefecture, village Anogeia and Axos, Margarites in Rethymnon… Krasi and Kritsa at Lassithi, Topolia and Stylos in Chania… Those are place where the heart of Crete beats with a different pace, an authentic one…
  4. Well organized tourist Resorts
    The length of the coastline combined with the variety of the Cretan landscape, hosts a large number of summer resorts… From a five-star hotel in Elounda are to boutique hotels, Crete can offer the variety that the experienced traveler needs… Modern, recently renovated city hotels, but also renovated Venetian Villas that operate as boutique hotels… Amazing small villages close to coves, where you can rent traditional Cretan houses and relax by the sea…
  5. Gastronomy and local cuisine
    The local cuisine is so rich and has many variations that a culinary experience will blow you away… light and tasteful, using ingredients that the island produces, fresh vegetables and fruits, spices and herbs… Explore the local tavernas, ask for  the dish of the day… High quality of olive oil with low acidity, local aromatic honey, aged cheese (Graviera) and Athotyros (creamy goat cheese, often served with the traditional pasta).
  6. Magical beaches and coves
    The island Crete is 260 long and narrow (it varies from 12 km to 61km), covering a total area of 8,336 km2 with a coastline of 1,046 km. The variety of the landscape, once again will amaze you!!! Do not miss the opportunity to explore Balos beach (by boat including a stop at Gramvousa – or if you choose Balos only you can reach the area by a car as well – Go there early, if you go by car or bike, to avoid the crowds), Elafonissi (go early to avoid the crowds!), Falassarna, a beautiful sandy beach, close to Chania, Triopetra and Ayios Pavlos, Rodakino in Rethymnon,  Kalamaki and Matala in Heraklion… and so many more…
  7. Landscape and nature’s gems
    Crete is mountainous, and its character is defined by a high mountain range crossing from west to east, formed by three different groups of mountains, the White Mountains in Chania, Ida in Rethymnon and Dikti in Lassithi. These mountains lavished Crete with valleys, such as Amari valley, fertile plateaus, such as Lasithi plateau, Omalos and Nidha; caves, such as Gourgouthakas, Diktaion, and Idaion (the birthplace of the ancient Greek god Zeus); and a number of gorges. There are a number of gorges, such as the Samariá Gorge, Imbros Gorge, Kourtaliotiko Gorge, Ha Gorge, Platania Gorge, the Gorge of the Dead (at Kato Zakros, Sitia) and Richtis Gorge and (Richtis) waterfall at Exo Mouliana in Sitia. Amazing caves, invite you for a visit, such as Zoniana – Sfendoni cave, Psychron Cave, Kamares Cave…
  8. Activities
    What to mention first in this category… The island has so much to offer, that you really have to visit Crete and explore… Archaeological sites and guided tours, hiking through gorges, horse riding, jeep safaris, off road adventures, bird watching, scuba diving, road and mountain bike cycling, fishing, wind surfing, kite and sailing etc.…
  9. Exotic small nearby islands
    Time for a short-day cruise while on Crete? Why not!!! Around the island of Crete there are small islets, some of the really close, others a bit further in, offering an opportunity for a short cruise with small boats and vessels to explore them.
    Gramvousa (from Kissamos port, west of Chania) the pirate island opposite the Balo lagoon.
    Elafonisi (South west of Chania), which commemorates a shipwreck and an Ottoman massacre. We recommend a short stop at Chryssosaklitissa monastery and a lunch stop at Elos village).
    Chrysi island ( boat trip from Ierapetra, Lasithi), which hosts the largest natural Lebanon cedar forest in Europe.
    Paximadia island (Agia Galini, Rethymno) where the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis were born, according to the Cretan myths.
    The Venetian fortress and leper colony at Spinalonga opposite the beach and shallow waters of Elounda and Plaka (Agios Nikolaos, Lasithi).
    Dionysades islands which are in an environmentally protected region together the Palm Beach Forest of Vai in the municipality of Sitia, Lasithi.
    Off the south coast, the island of Gavdos is located 26 nautical miles (48 km) south of Hora Sfakion and is the southernmost point of Europe.
  10. Authentic way of life and traditions
    The locals are very proud of their heritage and their customs… Local festivals are the best occasions to discover the Cretan spirit, but we must also not forget to mention here the traditional weddings. This would be a great opportunity to see the locals dancing traditional dances and taste the local delicacies…

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